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Rehabilitation & Physical Therapy

Recover quickly and return home successfully.

  • A distinct rehabilitation unit, designed specifically for short-term stays
  • Hands-on rehabilitation up to six days
    a week
    provided by our own therapists
  • Spacious private rooms with free
    cable TV and phone service
  • Dining services that provide choice
    and flexibility
  • Care team comprised of your primary physician, therapist, nurses, nutritional and social services, and pharmacy services
  • Learn more about our therapy services.


We Can Help

  • Hip Replacement and Knee Replacement
  • Fractures, Balance Disorders, and General Weakness
  • Heart Attack, Congestive Heart Failure, and Coronary Artery Disease
  • Stroke, Parkinson's, and Neurologic Disease
  • Lymphedema, Arthritis, and Chronic Pain

Physical Therapy

Improve your movement and mobility after a hip replacement, knee replacement, fracture, stroke, or illness. Learn about physical therapy.


Occupational Therapy

Increase your ease with everyday activities after a hip replacement, knee replacement, fracture, stroke, or illness. Learn about occupational therapy.

Speech Therapy

Improve your communication, memory, cognition, and ability to swallow. We treat dementia, stroke, Parkinson's, and voice or swallowing disorders. Learn about speech therapy.


Out-Patient Therapy

Recover in your home while benefiting from our physical, occupational, and speech therapists.
Learn about out-patient therapy.

Wound Care

Receive the highest standard of wound care available. With extensive experience in treating and preventing wounds, we work diligently to help you heal. Learn about wound care.



Let us help you achieve your goals. Lee Silverman Voice Treatment (LVST) is a standardized treatment protocol for those with Parkinson’s Disease and other neurological conditions. Learn more.

Helping You Transition Home

We start preparing you for your discharge home upon your admission:

  • Provide information and referrals to resources
  • Help obtain medical equipment Arrange skilled nursing services (i.e. IV therapy, nutrition planning, and ventilator management)
  • Coordinate home care support (i.e. homecare, hospice, and respite care)
  • Create a personal home exercise program
  • Visit your home to assess living skills (i.e. bathing, taking stairs, cooking) and make safety recommendations (i.e. grab bars, railings, ramps)

Your In-House Therapy Team

We recruit and hire our own therapists and they live right here in the Chippewa Valley. You have the comfort of knowing the same therapist will follow you through your stay and remain in close communication with the nursing team and your primary physician to ensure you receive personalized, optimal care. Each therapist strives to continue to learn new advances in rehabilitation care to provide you the best possible treatment available.