Queen of Cards

Recreational Opportunities

There are activities everyday that encourage socialization and camaraderie.You will enjoy movies, music performances, bingo, and worship services, as well as outings to restaurants, parks, and shops.

Optimize your health and vitality so you can continue to enjoy your family, friends, and favorite activities. Our recreational team is focused on your physical, social, cultural, and spiritual needs. We encourage your independence and assist you in pursuing your favorite pastimes. Your family and friends are always welcome to join in on the fun!

There are many recreational opportunities available to you at our Chippewa Falls nursing home including:

  • Movies
  • Music Performances
  • Bingo
  • Birthday Parties
  • Worship Services
  • Holiday Programs
  • Nintendo Wii Games
  • Outdoor Activities
  • Gardening Projects
  • Committee Meetings
  • Outings to restaurants, parks, and shops
  • One-to-One Visits

View our monthly special events calendar.

Community Outings

Be part of the Chippewa Falls community. Outings are scheduled to shop, go to a movie, eat at a favorite restaurant, attend a ball game, go to the fair, and visit a park. Our handicapped accessible vehicles are equipped with wheelchair lifts for your safety and convenience.


Pets are Welcome

Your family can bring in pets when they visit if they are supervised and well-behaved at all times. Vaccinations must be current. Pets provide a great therapeutic benefit, and we are happy to answer any questions you may have about bringing a pet in for a visit.

Music Therapy

Music has proven healing benefits. Improve your cognition, manage pain, reduce stress, and promote wellness with the help of music. Music is integrated in our programs through sing-a-longs, music games, rhythm bands, social groups, and one-to-one visits.

Resident Council

You have the opportunity to express your preferences, concerns, and opinions. Our staff is available everyday to meet with you. The monthly Resident Council and Nutritional Services Committee meetings are another opportunity to offer suggestions.

The Resident Council is a self-governing committee with elected resident representatives. The council gives you the opportunity to participate in the affairs within our facility, make suggestions for improvements, and gain friendships.